“John Tracy is a musician whose music fortifies the human connection…”

Performing songwriter John Tracy has always had a passion for music. He spent hours from the age of sixteen analyzing melodies and honing his finger-style skill on acoustic guitar. Beyond playing music, however, he deeply wanted to make his own music. Over the years, he has studied songwriting with some of the best and gained a reputation as a lyricist who writes to move our souls.

To say that John Tracy writes music for real people living real life would be an understatement. Not only do his introspective songs of life, love and family resonate deeply within our souls, but his intricate melodies and expertise on acoustic guitar move our spirits. His effort to give each song something unique makes listening to his body of work a delight to the ears. He draws on his influences from folk, blues and acoustic rock, adds modern elements and mixes in themes that make his music relevant to all of us on this human journey.

“John Tracy’s genius in delivering lyrical melodies of all things we experience as humans may only be surpassed by his mastery of the guitar. John will tell you he loves writing songs, but his music tells you that he loves the human connections.” – Jeff Curtis, Executive Director The Orange Downtown Alliance (Orange, VA)

“John is an exceptional artist. His original pieces are hallmarked by lyrics that move the audience. The complexity of his compositions and his skill in playing them create a sound that is marvelous to hear. As a singer, he projects a warmth and energy that is infectious.” – Clair F. Myers, Ph.D., Executive Director, Wayne Theatre Alliance

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