Today is International Women’s Day – it’s a day worldwide when we specifically celebrate women’s achievements in all aspects of life from the social to the political.

I am a man in a house full of women, right down to the dog. For me, every day is International Women’s Day, because the women in my life are amazing, intelligent, feminine yet powerful and it fills me with pride to see them achieve the greatness for which they were created.

I look at my girls today and all the opportunities they have and contrast that to the other women in my life – my mother, aunts and grandmothers. I do believe we have indeed come a long way. I know my mom gladly made the choice to leave her job and pursue the career of a full-time, stay-at-home mother. She was an amazing mom and wife, devoting all her energies and love into raising us.

And while her choice in my book is such a noble one, I wonder if the society and culture in which she was raised told her this was pretty much her best choice. I’m not so sure that culture really encouraged her to explore who she was, to be educated, to be proud, bold, brave and independent, like the boys in her time were told they could be.

We live in amazing times right now. But we still have a way to go where women’s equality is concerned. While today is a day we draw attention to this issue and celebrate women’s achievements thus far, let’s not forget about it tomorrow. Let’s keep striving to ensure tomorrow’s women have even more opportunities to make greater strides than yesterday’s.