What Is A House Concert?

In it’s strictest definition, a house concert is an invitation-only concert in someone’s home. It is typically held on a weekend evening and is attended by 20-50 of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and possibly a few of my fans in the area. These are very intimate concerts where the audience sits close and is attentive to the music.

Why Host One?
What could be better than having a touring musician do a concert right in your own home – essentially the “backstage” experience where your living room is the stage? No need to go to a bar/club or fight the crowds at a large arena. You get to enjoy the experience right in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Unlike having a party with background music, the sole focus here is on spending time with the artist. The relaxed atmosphere allows for more interaction between the performer and the audience, creating a special bond. You, as the host, get to be the catalyst that allows this beautiful relationship to develop as your friends become my fans.

What’s in it for the Artist?
The personal nature of house concerts allows me the time to share the stories behind the songs, the passions that inspire me, essentially allowing the audience to get to know the man behind the music. Without the distractions common in traditional venues, these events are extremely rewarding and fulfilling as I watch the listeners connect with the music. There’s really nothing like it!

The Technicalities
The Place:
It doesn’t take a large house – just enough space for everyone to gather around and find a place to sit. The setting can be indoors or outdoors as weather and space permit. It can also be at a community center, Church fellowship hall, etc. depending on your preference and what is available to you.

The Crowd:
It also doesn’t take a huge audience to have a successful event. A minimum of 20 people works great, with the maximum being dependent on your space. Invite who you are comfortable having in your home – friends, neighbors, family, co-workers or folks from other areas of your life.

The Music:
Typically I play two 45-minute sets of original music with a short break in between. I bring a small sound system, enough to balance out the sound yet not blow your audience out of the room.

The Evening:
Start times vary based on the day of week, what works best for the host and how the evening is structured. Typically the music begins around 7:00 pm. Some hosts enjoy having a potluck dinner before the music, some might provide light refreshments. Some are BOYB, some do dessert only with coffee/tea during the break. The structure beyond the music is totally at the host’s preference.

The Financial Side:
As your home is not a “venue,” it might feel a little awkward to ask for a ticket price. This is, however, a big part of how I support myself and my family. Therefore, it works well for the host to suggest each guest give $20/person in support of the artist. Music lovers totally understand and appreciate this, realizing the unique opportunity and the value of what they receive from this type of an evening. Having the host add this to the invitation and mention it as the music begins works well to avoid any confusion.

In addition, I will have merchandise available for purchase for anyone wishing to take the music home with them.

I have the ability to accept credit cards to help keep things easy.

While it is common for house concert hosts to offer the traveling artist accommodations for the night of the concert, that is not something we require. Rather than completely invading your private space, we handle our own travel arrangements and over-night stays.

Sounds fun – I want to book one!
Awesome! I sincerely appreciate your willingness to host this type of a music event. I’m excited to come to your home and meet your friends. Just message me Here and we’ll get it scheduled.

Still have questions?
No worries! Just message me Here and we can talk further.