Normally I don’t specifically write poems, although I guess technically you could consider a song a poem. I did, however, feel inspired to write one a few years ago after a particularly memorable experience.

I was having a down day, feeling anxious, alone, exasperated and frankly depressed. I was home alone, drinking a cup of coffee, standing at the front window looking out on the dead lawn. It was a dreary, cold day in March.

I was standing there talking to God about my situation and I asked Him to give me a sign. At one point, I looked out on the grass and saw a Red Robin standing there, looking right back at me. His red breast shone so brilliantly against the gray it almost startled me. He just stood there watching me watch him.

I looked down to take another sip of coffee and when I looked back up again, about 50 of his friends had joined him in my front yard. I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but I’m not kidding you – it was like a Red Robin convention . The red from their breasts was such a beautiful thing to see.

I knew this was not just some coincidence. In my spirit, I knew this was a sign for me, a message from God answering my prayer. I was in a moment and I sat down and penned this poem. I later added music to it and sing it occasionally in my live shows. In honor of World Poetry Day, I thought I’d share it here with you.

(John Tracy Wilson – March 2007)

Red Robin, Red Robin, outside my window
You bring your own sunlight with a beautiful glow
You brighten the gray skies and give me hope
God has not forgotten me
Red Robin now I know
Red Robin so peaceful, none more serene
You and your friends on my lawn paint a beautiful scene
Like a blanket that warms me and sooths my heart
God sent you to tell me
He’s right here and He’ll never part
Red Robin, Red Robin, now I understand
Now I see God has me in the palm of His hand
Thank you for the message when I let myself sink so low
God has not forgotten me, Red Robin now I know