Host A House Concert

I am so excited that you are interested in hosting a house concert! In my experience as a performing songwriter, these types of listening events have been the most fun, rewarding and memorable, not only for me, but for those who are in attendance. This will be a beautiful journey together and an unforgettable time for all involved.

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What Is A House Concert?

In case you are not completely familiar with this concept, in it’s strictest definition, a house concert is an invitation-only, donations-based listening event in someone’s home. It is attended by a minimum of 20-30 of your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers who you think would enjoy my music as much as you do. These are very intimate concerts where the audience sits close and is attentive to the music.

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Why Host One?

What could be better than having a touring musician do a specifically crafted show right in your own home – essentially the “backstage” experience where your living room is the stage? No need to go to a bar/club or fight the crowds at a large arena. You get to enjoy the intimate experience right in the comfort of your own surroundings and the lack of traditional audience/performer barriers allow me to make strong, deep connections with those listening.

Unlike having a house party with background music, the sole focus here is on spending time with and devoting your attention to the artist. The relaxed atmosphere allows for more interaction between the performer and the audience, creating a special bond. You, as the host, get to be the catalyst that allows this beautiful relationship to develop as your friends become my fans.

“The concept of house concerts isn’t widely known here in Sweden, where we live, but when we realized this would be a good way to present John’s music to our friends, we jumped at the chance. The afternoon turned out to be a huge success, with our living room full of people who very much enjoyed John’s performance and who now follow him on social media for updates on new releases. We all had so much fun doing this and hope for John to return to us in Europe again soon.”
Caj and Zingo in Stockholm/Sweden

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Sounds fun – I want to learn more!

Awesome! I sincerely appreciate your willingness to learn more about hosting this type of a music event.  Just message me Here and I will send you a more detailed packet with all the information you need to know for a successful evening.