Music has power. But sometimes I really have to wonder if the power of music is dead. I question whether it still holds a place of importance, power or influence like it used to.

I’ve mentioned in previous emails and posts that music played such a big part in my life from very early on. It brought my hours of fun as a child, was my salvation during my teen years and it’s my livelihood now. For me, music is indeed life.

But obviously that isn’t necessarily the case for everyone, maybe even for most. Throughout much of history, music was such an influential part of our society. Think back to the times of the classical greats, way before the advent of technology, when music and theater events were the main forms of entertainment. Music was enjoyed and appreciated for the sake of it’s creation.

As technology has evolved, though, there has been a shift. Yes, music is a part of our lives in almost every aspect – in advertisements and movies, in the car, in the elevator, while we’re on hold, in the grocery store as we shop, as we exercise, in our kids ears to drown us out, etc. But is it still enjoyed and appreciated? Or has it just become background noise that we hear but don’t really listen to? Does it still define precious moments in our lives or is it just always there.

Is the amount of music so readily available a curse or a blessing? Has technology helped promote the development of great music or hindered it? When you think about your favorites, from what era is that music? Is music’s creation still a worthwhile endeavor?

What Do You Think?

I don’t know – I’d love to hear what you think. This is my passion and music is an incredibly large part of my life. But what role does music play in yours? Comment below or message me – I really would love to hear your thoughts!