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According to Webster’s Dictionary, the  definition  of  “Quintessential”  is  “of  the  pure  and  essential  essence  of  something”  and  “of  or  relating  to  the  most  perfect  embodiment  of  something.”

The making of this album…

When  we  started  pulling  together  the  songs  for  this  album,  I  don’t  think  I  had  any  specific  theme  in  mind.  Many  of  the  songs  were  newly  written and I  was  anxious  to  launch  them  into  the  world.  However, by  the  time  we  finished  the  album,  a  clear  theme  had  emerged.

It was the quest to find  that  pure  and  essential  essence. Perhaps in the  love  and  peace  in  “Home” or in the  comfort  of  listening  to  the  “Midnight  Moon.”  Maybe it is in finding  the  joy  in  “Blue  Sunny  Skies,”  or  the  longing  for  that  healthy  relationship  in  “The  Shallow  Game.”

With this in mind, I hope this album takes you on a journey to find all that’s “quintessential” in life!

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