It’s A Miracle

Our lives really are interconnected like notes throughout a magnificent composition. They are like an ongoing, ever-changing song, in part being conducted by the Sovereign Composer with unmatchable eloquence, and in part by the notes themselves as they decide how they will respond and to what measure they will allow their significance to be executed in the ultimate achievement.

“There’s more at stake from the ripples we make, than simply passing through.” Regardless of who we are, we will all generate ripples, whether seamless or flawed in the sea of humanity. In this chance of a lifetime and creative work of God, we have the opportunity to build relationships that have LASTING ripples – not only with people in our direct immediate circle, but ripples with enduring implications for multitudes of others down the line in coming generations.

Read more in my Chapter 5 of my book “Of Life, Love and Family.

Hear the whole song and see more videos HERE!