John Tracy's Story
John Tracy is decidedly one of the most talented active Americana
singer-songwriters in the indie industry”

Jamsphere Music Magazine

John Tracy has a reputation for crafting lyrics that cut right to the heart of the matter, making his authentic music relevant to all of us. His voice and delivery have a way of worming their way into your heart, in songs populated by instantly sympathetic characters, both clean and dirty guitars, rich melodies, and cleverly written, heart wrenching lyrics. John’s music and lyrics cut to the bone with their raw sincerity. Each word and note bring us a musical encounter beyond the mere listening, setting fire to our plea for meaning, tranquility and faithfulness – truly REAL MUSIC for REAL LIFE.

When asked why he creates music, he responded: “I believe people want to feel. We all want to feel alive. We want to feel hope, excitement, peace, joy. Sometimes we just want to cry. I believe music is the catalyst that can awaken this in all of us. That’s why I write music filled with stories of real life – to help us have that vehicle to experience each day with all of our emotions ignited.”

Time spent listening to John is never time wasted! He has a true gift. An extremely talented songwriter with a wonderful tone to his voice.”

Stuart Cheese of One Night Stand Music

John is a prolific songwriter with seven full-length albums to his credit. His newest single, “Love True Just for You,” is quintessential John Tracy: a perfect encapsulation of everything that makes his songs and videos as inspirational as they are. It’s a tale of perseverance in a world where it sometimes seems like love is impossible to find. Keep searching, the singer promises us, and the right person will appear. The combination of patience, poise, hope, and encouragement is distinctively John Tracy.

Jamsphere Music Magazineconfirms “…this is a powerful, completely human track, as there is a little of all of us in here. The song possesses the ability to make the listener truly feel, for every second, and when John’s voice accelerates up through the notes, it’s positively moving.”

A dedicated effort to giving each song something sonically unique makes listening to his body of work a delight to the ears. With a vocal delivery smooth and warm, John’s voice has a timbre that calms the spirit and allows the heart to hear the depth of his lyrics. Commanding the acoustic guitar with ease, he fluidly delivers melodies that are intricate and spell-binding. It’s a mastery that sends his fingers moving effortlessly up and down the neck of his six-string. Having shared his skill on stages across the US and abroad, he is a seasoned performer. A John Tracy show will leave you feeling inspired, like time spent with an old friend.

When John isn’t writing about love, he is observing, considering and commenting on life, addressing its trials and tribulations and dealing with a world that is changing into something most of us barely recognize any more. His lyrics revel in minute detail, rendering his settings and characters with exquisite clarity.

When you’re an artist like John Tracy, the bar gets set higher and higher with each and every new release. This might seem like an unachievable level for an independent artist. But that’s the beauty of a John Tracy tune.

Jon Stein of WTBQ – Hootenanny Café, Goshen, NY declares: “John Tracy knows how to write songs and melodies that draw the listener in. I’m captivated.”

“John’s genius of delivering lyrical melodies of all things that we experience as humans may only be surpassed by his mastery of the guitar”Jeff Curtis, Executive Director, Downtown Orange, VA Alliance
“John’s songs are beautiful, filled with comforting, introspective lyrics along with wisdom and a strong heart-felt voice.”Mark Micklich, Songsalive!
“John is an exceptional artist. His original pieces are hallmarked by lyrics that move the audience.”Clair F. Myers, Ph.D., Executive Director, Wayne Theatre Alliance