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“Love True Just For You” Single coming on January 25, 2019!

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New Music Video Coming January 24, 2019!

…You’ve been searching for that life-long love

New music video for “Love True Just For You” coming soon! We had a blast filming this one all over New York City. Catch an early glimpse now and stay tuned for the world premiere right here!

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Why Do I Create Music?

I believe people want to feel. We want to feel alive. We want to feel hope, excitement, peace, joy. Sometimes we just want to cry. I believe that music is the catalyst that can awaken that in all of us. That’s why I write music filled with stories of real life – to help us have that vehicle to experience life with all of our emotions ignited.

…I believe music is the way I am able to bring hope, joy, inspiration, peace and honesty to you and hopefully in the process, make your journey a little better…

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a musician whose music fortifies the human connection…

John Tracy has a reputation for crafting lyrics that cut right to the heart of the matter, making his music relevant to all of us on this human journey. Inspired by his folk, blues and acoustic rock influences, his songs fortify the human connection – truly REAL MUSIC for REAL LIFE

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Ever struggle with whether the time we invest in our relationships (significant others, family, friends) is really worth it? The reality is that life is all about relationships. Check out John Tracy’s insights into making ours stronger and more fulfilling!

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