John Tracy accepts a limited number of concert engagements each year. If you are interested in bringing John to your venue or event, please contact us for availability and pricing. John is a delight to all audiences truly offers an dynamic and engaging listening experience.


A house concert is an invitation-only, donations-based listening event in someone’s home. It is attended by a minimum of 20-30 of your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. These are very intimate concerts where the audience sits close and is attentive to the music. John finds these types of listening events to be the most fun, rewarding, and memorable.

“The concept of house concerts isn’t widely known here in Sweden, where we live, but when we realized this would be a good way to present John’s music to our friends, we jumped at the chance. The afternoon turned out to be a huge success, with our living room full of people who very much enjoyed John’s performance and who now follow him on social media for updates on new releases. We all had so much fun doing this and hope for John to return to us in Europe again soon.”

Caj and Zingo in Stockholm/Sweden


The John Tracy team will reply promptly with more information. Thank you for interest.