John is a prolific songwriter with seven full-length albums to his credit. His newest single, “Love True Just for You,” is quintessential John Tracy: a perfect encapsulation of everything that makes his songs and videos as inspirational as they are. It’s a tale of perseverance in a world where it sometimes seems like love is impossible to find. Keep searching, the singer promises us, and the right person will appear. The combination of patience, poise, hope, and encouragement is distinctively John Tracy.

John Tracy has a reputation for crafting lyrics that cut right to the heart of the matter, making his authentic music relevant to all of us. His voice and delivery are relatable with songs populated by instantly sympathetic characters, guitars, rich melodies, and storytelling lyrics. Each word and note are beyond mere listening, sparking meaning, tranquility, and faithfulness.

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The Beginning of the Journey

John Tracy launches his professional music career with the release of “Slow Down,” a musical call to cherish the magical moments on our journey. John made the drastic decision to take a leap of faith and leave his comfortable 9-5 career to follow his passion and create music that tells the stories of our lives. He will tell you that he loves writing songs, but his music tells you that he loves the human connection.

Departing from His Roots

With the release of his second album “Break The Chain,” John departs from his country roots to incorporate a more Adult Contemporary style. After working through the aftermath of some heart-wrenching family issues, this album reflects his desire to leave the past behind – hurts, mistakes, missed opportunities, regrets – and move forward with a new outlook. This album continues to demonstrate his desire to make real music for real life.

A Personal Twist on the Holidays

The holiday season brought with it the release of John’s first holiday EP, “Christmas Tree Shine.” Having a long-time love affair with Christmas music, John set out to give some of our holiday favorites his own personal twist. He even penned a couple of original tunes, heralding the season with “Christmas Tree Shine” and “When God Became Who I Am.”

Focusing on Something New

John took a bit of a hiatus from writing songs to concentrate on writing his first non-fiction book, releasing “Of Life, Love and Family.” An autobiographical book, John transparently bares his discoveries on building relationships that are life-changing. This book is for everyone who craves the richness that comes from knowing your life has meaning. He shows us how we can find more joy, happiness, and inspirational encouragement. He reminds us to once again begin understanding and appreciating what we have.

Introspective Sound

Turning his attention back to creating music, John releases “I’ve Got To Find Myself,” filled with songs that hallmark an introspective look at John and his journey to finding himself. Having left Texas in 2012, the home state of his birth, he relocated to Virginia for a fresh start and new inspiration. This album was co-produced by Butch Taylor and reflects the continual evolution of John’s musical style. It truly has something for all of us on this human journey.

Christmas Re-Release

Changing the way he records new music and teaming up with producer Kevin McNoldy of Cphonic Mastering, John re-releases his Christmas album and titles it “Magical Memories: A John Tracy Christmas.” He had so much fun the first time around, he expands this release to include fresh adaptations of more seasonal classics, filling the album with seventeen songs that will soon become your holiday favorites.

The Quintessential Album

June heralded the release of John’s seventh studio project titled “Quintessential”. It was the quest to express, through music, what is pure and essential in life. Perhaps it’s in the love and peace of “Home”, in the comfort of listening to the “Midnight Moon”, or maybe it’s in finding joy in “Blue Sunny Skies.” There is a definite departure from John’s earlier style and a fresh new take on his sincere and authentic music, showing off his blooming relationship with producer Kevin McNoldy of Cphonic Mastering.

Love True Just For You

John starts the year with the release of the “Love True Just For You” single and the world-wide premiere of the related music video on Thrive Global. Inspired by the hurdles we face in our search for true love, the song brims with Tracy’s upbeat perspective and profound belief in romance. Jamsphere Magazine states: “His latest single “Love True Just For You” reveals that he continues to write beautiful songs and come up with fantastic melodies.


2020 is probably a year none of us will forget. The COVID pandemic changed so many facets of our lives. In October of that year, I was called back to my roots. It’s like I came full circle back to the family business – that 9-5 job I had left 2006 to start on this musical adventure. I put the music on hold to return to TX to run the family business and save it from ruin at the hands of my father’s named successor. I had been gone almost 15 years and honestly it felt like coming home. We released one last project – “Thrills & Ill” – somewhat a quick musical journey through the ups and downs of life. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to follow my dreams. Grateful for every song crafted and every fan we met along the way.