A Difference – Will We Make One?


We have just started June and can you believe the year it has been so far? Talk about one for the history books! A global pandemic, an economic meltdown like we haven’t seen, a return to space and mass outcries across the country for change and equality for people of color, just to name a few things that will go down in our history books for 2020. But will the history books show that we made a difference?

The events of the past week and a half have been a lot to take in. I don’t think anyone can deny that the death of George Floyd was brutal, unnecessary and unjust. That alone should cause anyone to stop and think about the disparity in our country. The protests across the nation over the past week, though, have really given me cause for some introspection.

I have done a lot of reading and soul searching in the past week. I sit in my nice little home with my nice little life and really don’t have the first clue what Americans of color endure on a daily basis. The more I read, the more I realize that things haven’t changed much at all since the Civil Rights movement. And I realize how ignorant I have been.

So what am I supposed to do with all of this? How am I supposed to get involved? What kind of change can I make? Is this even my fight?

Ironically, I revisited my book the other day and read this excerpt from “Of Life, Love and Family” written seven years ago:

“Our lives really are interconnected like notes throughout a magnificent composition. They are like an ongoing, ever-changing song, in part being conducted by the Sovereign Composer with unmatchable eloquence, and in part by the notes themselves as they decide how they will respond and to what measure they will allow their significance to be executed in the ultimate achievement. ‘There’s more at stake from the ripples we make, than simply passing through.’ Regardless of who we are, we will all generate ripples, whether seamless or flawed in the sea of humanity. In this chance of a lifetime and creative work of God, we have the opportunity to build relationships that have LASTING ripples – not only with people in our direct immediate circle, but ripples with enduring implications for multitudes of others down the line in coming generations.”

So if I sit here and think this all really doesn’t have anything to do with me, then I’m dead wrong. Even the tiniest things we do, say and think will have ripples out into our families and communities. If I want to make a positive change, it starts with me – how I act, what I say, what I stand for, the truths I believe and how I use my voice.

My task as I see it then is to educate myself, keep an open heart, have grace and compassion for those around me. To get out of my own skin, open my eyes to the lives of others and find the ways I can help make their journeys better.

As a Christ-follower, I’m charged with loving my neighbor as myself. That pretty much says it all right there, doesn’t it? If we loved our neighbor as we love ourselves – not just those who live next door, but the members of our communities – can you imagine what a difference we could make?

There will always be evil in the world. But I don’t have to sit idly by. Every day I can choose to stand up and love. Love conquers all!

Make your ripples count today! If you want a tangible way to get involved and make a difference, then read more HERE.