A Trip Down Memory Lane

I saw this in a store the other day while we were out Christmas shopping and it really sent me on a trip down memory lane,

Like way back, to very early in my relationship with my wife. I think it was about four weeks in, so our love was still very young. Well, that’s all relative really, because in case you are unfamiliar with our story, I asked her to marry me three weeks after we first started dating! But that is something I’ll tell on another day.

Anyway, about four weeks into our relationship, she made a trip home to spend some time with her family. I was taking her to the airport. When I loaded her suitcase into the car, I hid one of these inside when she wasn’t looking. You see, I had just finished a song about her, which she hadn’t yet heard and it had a reference to a rainbow. So along with this I also hid a copy of the lyrics for her to find.

The main chorus of the song goes something like this:

I used to look at my life through the window
Mostly seeing smears of pain
But now I look out and see a rainbow brightly shining
It makes me thankful I went through the rain

I had been lonely for a long time. I never really dated that much. I wanted to find that “one” who was meant for me. But being selective like that means there are a lot of lonely times. Times when you seem stuck in the rain rather than basking in the sunlight.

And when God brought my wife into my life, I knew she was it. The sun came out and my life became bright, finding joy I hadn’t known before. That’s what the rainbow was all about.

My wife kept this through the years. When we had our girls, we hung this in the nursery over their cradle. It just seem to fit because my joy had expanded and my world had gotten even brighter.

This song is titled “Song of Hope” and I’ve never recorded it. Maybe it’s time that I do. I know not everyone has found that “one” who is meant for them and there is still a lot of searching going on. I’d like to say “hang on” and “keep having faith.” I do believe there is a perfect mate out there for each of us. Am I a bit of a romantic? Sure, but I am also a man of faith and I have found my faith in God has never yet been misplaced.