I Pledge My Love

By now you’ve probably heard the new single “I Pledge My Love.” Originally, I wrote this tune for my eldest daughter. Last Christmas, when she and her boyfriend were home with us for the holidays, he asked me for her hand in marriage.

I was elated! I had really been praying for her to find her soulmate and God answered my prayers. I love this guy and he’s perfect for my daughter!

The morning they drove off at the end of their stay, I just went inside and cried like a baby. I just couldn’t make myself stop – I was so overcome with emotion. I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out why I had been so overwhelmed. I finally realized it was several things.

We have such a good time with them when they are home and parting is always bittersweet. But I also realized I was just grateful – grateful to how good God has been and how he answered my prayer for my daughter. Actually, how good He has been throughout my life.

It also reminded me of when Teri and I started out on our journey as “one.” As they drove off, I realized this was the beginning of the rest of their lives together. All of those emotions inspired this song.

Beyond that though, I have had fans tell me that this song really has moved them, reminding them of the commitment they made to each other when they pledged their love. I love how the Cambridge Dictionary describes the definition of the word pledge: “A formal promise, or something that is given as a sign you will keep a promise.”

That is what we’re doing when we exchange our vows on our wedding day. We are making a very formal and eternal promise. It easy to remember that when things are going great and life is smooth. It’s much more challenging when we hit the rough patches. But really, it’s during those rough patches that our love has a chance to really blossom.

Hearing this from fans just reminds me that my music often takes on a deeper meaning to listeners that it originally had when I wrote it. That’s the power of music!