Oh What A Night

It’s official – we’re in the Holiday Season! The tree is up, the house is decorated, we’re in the midst of gift buying and making preparations for the big day.

The other night, one of my girls was home and we took a break from our favorite Christmas movies to sit down together and watch “An Evening of Story & Song” – the new live show DVD.

At the end of the concert, I looked over and my daughter was in tears. She told me that this concert was more than she had expected. Beyond just the music that I chose for the evening, the inspirations and stories behind the songs, the majority of which she had never even heard before, spoke to her and touched her deep down inside. She found connection with the experiences I shared.

She appreciated getting to know my heart, not just as a  songwriter, but on a much more personal level. The evening inspired her and left her with a deeper understanding of why I feel so compelled to create music.

Seeing her reaction to the show really brought it all home for me. It mirrored what I heard the night we filmed “An Evening of Story and Song.

It’s one thing to perform live. But there’s a much more meaningful experience when you have the relaxed, intimate space and the freedom to share the music on your own terms – to give the listener an evening that will move them whether they were there in the live audience or sitting at home in the comfort of their own space.

And the beautiful thing is – you can share in this experience! Bring this DVD (or download the digital version) to your big screen. As Andy Gesner, one of the most ardent supporters of my music, recently said: “John Tracy is a beacon of light in a world gone asunder.”

That’s what I’ve always wanted my music to be!