Red Robin – A Little Hope in a Poem

One day – it’s probably been ten years ago now – I was feeling particularly low. I was the only one at home. It was a dreary, gray February day and I was standing at our big front window looking out over the lawn. The weight of the world was just bearing down on me. As I stood there with my coffee in hand, I shot up a quick prayer, asking God to give me some kind of sign, something that would encourage me.

I stood there lost in thought a few more minutes. I happened to glance up from my musings and noticed a Red Robin sitting there on my lawn. His bright red breast was such a contrast to the dead, brown grass and the dreary sky. As I watched him, it almost seemed like we made eye contact and stood there eyeing each other.

I looked down to take a sip of my coffee and as I looked back up again, all of a sudden about fifty of his friends where sitting there on my lawn. The red of their breasts was in such sharp contrast to all of the gray around them. Somehow, I knew I was in a moment here. Having them all show up on my lawn at that second wasn’t just a coincidence. I knew that my Creator was sending me a message that he was there and more importantly, that he would be with me, even at this lonely point in my life.

I was filled with peace, the weight lifted and I had a clear moment of creativity. I picked up my pad and paper and the words just flowed out of me to form this poem.

Red Robin, Red Robin, outside my window
You bring your own sunlight with a beautiful glow
You brighten the gray skies and give me hope
God has not forgotten me
Red Robin now I know

Red Robin so peaceful, none more serene
You and your friends on my lawn paint a beautiful scene
Like a blanket that warms me and sooths my heart
God sent you to tell me
He’s right here and He’ll never part

Red Robin, now I understand
Now I see God has me in the palm of His hand
Thank you for the message when I let myself sink so low
God has not forgotten me
Red Robin now I know


Once I had the poem down, I knew I wanted to turn it into a song. Though not a typical song structure, I came up with a melody to fit the sentiments of the lyrics. I haven’t ever recorded this one, but play it occasionally in live shows. Here’s a quick video we did a while back: