REVIEW: “Love True Just For You” in Jamsphere Music Magazine

Love True Just for You album cover

Jamsphere Music Magazine reviewed the new “Love True Just For You” video and single for its February 2019 issue and I am so grateful for the kind words and understanding of my music.

“John Tracy is decidedly one of the most talented active Americana singer-songwriters in the indie industry, and by all counts, extremely prolific, considering the Virginia-based artist released his seventh album last year. In a more just world, John would be widely recognized for the excellent songwriter and musician he is. His voice and delivery have a way of worming their way into your heart, in songs populated by instantly sympathetic characters, both clean and dirty guitars, rich melodies, and cleverly written, heart wrenching lyrics. John’s music and lyrics cut to the bone with their raw sincerity. His latest single “Love True Just For You” reveals that he continues to write beautiful songs and come up with fantastic melodies. This is one of those tracks that you put on and it’s done playing before you know it, which makes you play it again. And again. And again….”

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