The Tale of a Lullaby

Recently I was going through some unrecorded songs in preparation for starting work on a new album. I ran across this lullaby I wrote for my girls. It’s actually always been a fan favorite. So much so, that I decided I needed to share the back story for this one.

So to start, here’s the song:

I probably wrote this song about ten years ago, around the time my girls were in their teenage years. I had had the melody in my library for quite a while. I loved the flow of it, but just couldn’t figure out what kind of story would match. Nothing seem to feel quite right.

I was sitting in my music room one night after everyone had gone to bed, just playing through various melodies. I got stuck on this one. Frustrated still that I couldn’t think of what to sing about, I shot up a quick prayer, something like: “Lord, I love this melody. Would you help me figure out what lyrics to put with it?” I know, seems trivial to ask God about something like this, but the reality is, He is there, even in the inconsequential things of our lives.

Anyway, pretty much right after I shot up the prayer, I started to think about all of the times I had put the girls to bed when they were little. That was my ‘gig’ if you want to call it that. Teri stayed home with them and my time was at night, rocking them to sleep, singing with them or as they got older, playing quick little games and telling stories about our day. It was a time I will always treasure!

And then it hit me. This melody was a lullaby! After that, it seemed the song almost wrote itself as I created my own lullaby to not only sing to my girls, but for them to have to sing to their children down the line.

Time to say goodnight
My child just close your eyes
And I’ll sing you this lullaby

Drift away
There are games to play in the land of dreams
Fly with wings through purple skies

Then when you’ve grown
And you’re on your own
And the trials of life keep you awake at night
Just sing this lullaby

Time to be still
But only until the morning light
Discover all the thrills of life

Then further on
A child of your own
Lay their thoughts to rest as did I
And sing this lullaby

For now I’ll be your pillow
Sleep sound, I am here
I’ll show how much I love you with this lullaby

Time to say goodnight
Just close your eyes
And I’ll sing you this lullaby 

So be on the lookout for this one! I feel pretty confident it will be on the next album!

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